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26.05.19 ⁞ New Rome – Broken Harmony (feat. Wojtek Kurek) / Second single of New Rome’s S/T album coming out in June 2019 on Instant Classic

21.05.19 ⁞ XXVII.VI.MMXIX (28.06.2019) / New album New Rome – New Rome 

26.04.19 ⁞ Paweł Wypych’s cover for Illustration For Those Who awarded in 30/30 competition

25.04.19 ⁞ New Rome – What If I (feat. Hania Rani) /  First single of New Rome’s S/T album coming out in June 2019 on Instant Classic / / Animation by Mateusz Kozłowski

❚ Releases
2019 / New Rome >

New Rome – New Rome
Instant Classic / 2019
Front illustration by Sebastian Skrobol

1. Opening Scene
2. Cold Farewell (feat. Lass)
3. Ghost Blast
4. Broken Harmony (feat. Wojtek Kurek)
5. True Love (feat. Mikael)
6. Set to Fail x Snake Oil (feat. Torn Shore)
7. Childish Comeback (feat. Baasch)
8. Lost Sequence
9. Acid Train
10. Authentic (feat. Misia Furtak & Gary Holldman)
11. What If I (feat. Hania Rani)
12. Some Summer Day (feat. Tom J)
13. Something (feat. Tomasz Mreńca)


2018 / Illustrations For Those Who >

Tomasz Bednarczyk – Illustrations For Those Who
Room40 / 2018
Artwork by Paweł Wypych


1.Theme I
2.Botanical Garden
4.Rainy Drive
5.Sunny Ambient
6.Theme II
8.Six Sounds


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2018 / Music For Balance And Relaxation Vol. 1 >

Tomasz Bednarczyk – Music for Balance and Relaxation Vol​.​1
Somewhere Nowhere / 2018


1. Morning View
2. Sakura
3. Polypody I
4. Fragment
5. Polypody II
6. April
7. Polypody III
8. Down


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2017 / Elsewhere >

New Rome – Elsewhere
Requiem Records / 2017
Photography by Iga Brylińska


1. Elsewhere
2. Ascend
3. West
4. Nightly
5. Late
6. Dust
7. Map
8. Form
9. Sun
10. 1986
11. End



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2017 / Somewhere >

New Rome – Somewhere
Instant Classic / 2017
Photography by Iga Brylińska



1. Colours
2. Lobster
3. Medusa
4. Uncertain
5. Inflow
6. Mosquito
7. Tropics
8. Violet
9. Somewhere
10. Dunes



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2016 / Nowhere >

New Rome – Nowhere
Room40 / 2016
Photography by Krystian Lipiec


1. Tumble
2. Balance
3. Cat
4. Beginning
5. Voyage
6. Turpentine
7. Venus
8. Nowhere
9. Dive
10. Leaving



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2015 / Venter >

Venter – Venter (with Tomasz Mreńca)
Sensefloor / 2015
Artwork by Paweł Wypych



1. Glimmer I
2. Beneath (feat. Piotr Lewandowski)
3. Aware (feat. Stefan Wesołowski)
4. Moon
5. City Of Spring
6. Fire (feat. Baasch)
7. Lovers Sex
8. Brixton
9. Glimmer II




2009 / Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow >

Tomasz Bednarczyk – Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow
12k / 2009
Photography by Joanna „Frota” Kurkowska


1. While
2. Shimokita
3. Drawing
4. Raspberry Girl
5. Autumn
6. The Sketch
7. Kyoto
8. So
9. Little Spring
10. Night



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2009 / Painting Sky Together >

Tomasz Bednarczyk – Painting Sky Together
Room40 / 2008
Artwork By – Mikołaj Pasinski


1. Your Whiteness
2. Freckled Cheeks
3. Tokyo
4. So Fragile
5. A Bus-Ride With A Red-Haired Girl
6. Agata’s Film
7. Mi.Ti
8. January
9. Movie



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2008 / Summer Feelings >

Tomasz Bednarczyk – Summer Feelings
Room40 / 2008
Artwork by Agata Badowska


1. Vacation
2. Adeline Yen Mah
3. Saturday Evening
4. Sad Man On The Train
5. Irritation
6. I See You
7. Unruly Cat
8. End Of The Summer



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❚ About >
Tomasz Bednarczyk aka New Rome (b.1986) is a musician living in Wroclaw, Poland. Since 2004 he has been writing compositions presenting new, pop qualities through his fragile sounds. He makes melancholy impressions on the basis of acoustic loops, surrounding, outward sounds and synthesisers.

“His compositions hold these sonic fragments up to the light, offering their geometry up for contemplation, balancing their profiles against one another; these pieces summon a sense of equilibrium in the same way that an Alexander Calder sculpture does.” Wire Magazine, 2009

His debut mini album “So Nice” was released in 2006 by experimental and avant-garde Audio Tong Records. In 2007 Bednarczyk takes other artists’s compositions and modificates them into his own versions adding his unique stylistics. These new arrangements allow him to be noticed on remixes compilations and singles. The first full length album “Summer Feelings” is released by Australian label Room40 (March 2008). Calm, subtle as well as severe and rough, his compositions receive good comments from journalists (Wire Magazine). His second full length album called “Painting Sky Together” was released on Room40 in January 2009. As it was with the first album, the second one also gathered good press and was presented in the third program of the BBC Radio. In the second half of 2009. Tomasz Bednarczyk released his third record entitled “Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow” on 12k from NY.

In 2011 Tomasz Bednarczyk is back with new deep house material kept in chilly and minimal aesthetics. Also establishes its own record called We Are Your Music Mate (2011-2015), which focuses on the issue of house, deep or minimal music.

Following a period of working across various other projects, including the lauded “Venter” (Sensefloor, 2015) duet with Tomasz Mrenca, Bednarczyk has returned to his roots, issuing this new music under the New Rome moniker.

Extending the palette of his earlier solo works, New Rome’s pieces sprawl outward with a graceful flow. Taking on a more rounded sensibility than previous projects, “Nowhere” (2016, Room40) creates a richness through interlocking layers of harmony. New Rome’s the second album entitled “Somewhere” comes out in 2017 via Instant Classic label. “Somewhere” takes up where New Rome’s previous album “Nowhere” left. At the end of 2017 New Rome released his third album entitled “Elsewhere” (Requiem Records, 2017); and is the culmination of the story that began with “Nowhere” and continued with “Somewhere”.

In 2018 Tomasz Bednarczyk released two around ambients albums. The first of them was “Music for Balance and Relaxation Vol.1” and this material is an attempt to own interpretation and inspiration of Japanese meditative or New Age music from the turn of the 70s and 80s of the last century. The second album album called “Illustrations For Those Who” was released on Room40 in November 2018.

New Rome” is the brand new album from Tomasz Bednarczyk’s solo project New Rome that will see its release in June 2019 on Instant Classic label.

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