New Rome



1. Opening Scene

2. Cold Farewell (feat. LASS)

3. Ghost Blast

4. Broken Harmony (feat. Wojtek Kurek)

5. True Love (feat. Mikael)

6. Set To Fail x Snake Oil (feat. Torn Shore)

7. Childish Comeback (feat. Baasch)

8. Lost Sequence

9. Acid Train

10. Authentic (feat. Misia Furtak & Gary Holldman)

11. What If I (feat. Hania Rani)

12. Some Summer Day (feat. Tom J)

13. Something (feat. Tomasz Mrenca)


Label: Instant Classic

Artwork: Sebastian Skrobol/Tomasz Bednarczyk

Format: CD/Digital

This time Tomasz decided to invite some guests including Misia Furtak, Baasch, Hania Rani and Tomasz Mrenca.